Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

Showcasing 22 years of protection

At Millcreek Wireless, we love sharing with others the magic that Liquid Glass has to offer. You can find our demonstrations and products at local trade shows throughout Boise, ID.

June 22nd

Boise Music Fest

July 4th

Melba 4th of July

July 11th & 14th

Hells Canyon Rally

July 19th & 21st

Miners Jubilee

July 18th and 22nd

Elmore County Fair

July 23rd & 28th

Joseph Days

August 2nd a& 3rd

Kuna Days

August 6th & 10th

Jerome County Fair

August 16th to 25th

Western Idaho Fair

August 28th to 2nd

Twin Falls County Fair

September 13th to 15th

Hyde Park Street Fair

September 25th to 29th

Street Vibrations Reno

October 5th & 6th

Southern Fare Reno

October 12th & 13th

The Great Italian Fest

November 8th & 9th

Caldwell Holiday Bazaar

November 29th & 30th & December 1st

Crafts for Christmas